His Films

Even Elvis said he did 29 films by curling his lip. Fans will always find some surprises and even hidden gems in all of his films. Here are 10 films that everyone can enjoy.

Loving You

1957 -Elvis plays a hillbilly trucker who becomes a regional singing sensation in this fictionalized version of Presley’s early career. Elvis reveals a raw and edgy side in his portrayal and the musical numbers are some of his best. Gladys and Vernon are in the audience for the finale. With Lizabeth Scott, Dolores Hart, Wendell Corey. Purchase

Jailhouse Rock

1957 - Elvis is an ex-con who becomes a famous rock singer with an ego problem. Elvis is still the sulky, faintly dangerous rebel here and performs his most iconic production number in front of dancing convicts. With Judy Tyler, Mickey Shaughnessy. Purchase

King Creole

1958 - Elvis is a busboy/singer in New Orleans who gets involved with a gang of toughs, a gangster’s moll and a sweet young store clerk during his rise to fame. More than just a fluffy star vehicle, this is a gritty, tightly constructed drama with Elvis showing his acting chops in the meaty role. With Carolyn Jones, Dolores Hart, Walter Matthau, Dean Jagger. Purchase

Wild in the Country

1961 - Elvis is a troubled youth whose talent for writing blossoms under the attention of his counselor. Even though he has three love interests instead of the usual one or two, this is no boilerplate romantic escapade. With Hope Lange, Tuesday Weld, Millie Perkins. Purchase

Blue Hawaii

1961 - Elvis rebels against going into the family pineapple business by becoming a tour guide. The movie that introduced the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. This is the first of Elvis’s travelogue confections with lush scenery and a big luau finale. With Joan Blackman, Angela Lansbury. Purchase

Viva Las Vegas

1964 - Elvis is the race car driver/waiter who falls in love with the sex-kitten swimming instructor, even though they become competitors in the hotel talent contest. The splashiest Elvis film thanks to the big-budget showbiz numbers. The chemistry between Elvis and Ann-Margret is mesmerizing. Purchase

Change of Habit

1969 - Elvis is a doctor working in the ghetto alongside a nun who falls for him. Now she must choose between devotion to God or the King. Elvis’s last feature film is a surprisingly serious effort after all the romantic capers he sang his way through in the 1960’s. With Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair. Purchase

Elvis: ’68 Comeback

After nine years of working in Hollywood’s romantic comedy grist mill, Elvis reclaimed his title of King of Rock ‘n Roll with electric performances that continue to astonish. Purchase

Elvis: That’s the Way It Is

A backstage look at the preparations leading up to Elvis’s return to live performing, it includes concert footage that shows why he ruled Las Vegas. Purchase

Elvis on Tour

1972 - Great concert footage, behind-the-scenes glimpses of touring, thoughtful reflections by Elvis, great archival material and a montage of Elvis’s love scenes in his film romps makes this an entertaining overview of his career even for supposed non-fans. Martin Scorcese was the editor. Purchase