The Talent

The creation of Memphis Map for Elvis Fans and this web site would not have been possible without the talent, knowledge, and generosity of the following people.

Maria Rabinky Map Illustrator

Maria Rabinky brought a unique mix of artistic and architectural skills to this project. Her ability to interpret verbal descriptions with a visual response, to work in mixed media, including both traditional and electronic art forms, and to tailor her approach to individual client needs, were essential to creating a portrait of Memphis as Elvis lived it.

Maria received her Master of Fine Arts Degree with majors in art and architecture from theAcademy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia. She is based in Richmond, Virginia.

Michael Kelly Art Director/Graphic Designer

Michael is an award-winning graphic designer and art director who is an adjunct associate professor of Communications Design at his alma mater, Pratt Institute. He has designed identities and collateral for Weleda North America, Lara Knutson, The Municipal Art Society of New York and New Visions for Public Schools. Michael also co-directs Design Corps, a class at Pratt in which students produce pro-bono graphic design work for non-profits. He lives, works and often runs in Brooklyn.

Mike Freeman and Sue Mack Elvis Historians

Consummate Elvis historians Mike Freeman and Sue Mack gave generously of their time and extraordinary storehouse of knowledge to help with the accuracy of the Memphis Map for Elvis Fans. Their passion for all things Elvis is evident in both their personal and professional lives.

The former owner and resident of 1034 Audubon Drive, Elvis’s home before moving to Graceland, Mike is the co-author of Memphis Elvis Style, the definitive guide for Elvis fans who want to visit Memphis. He also produced My Treasured Memories of Elvis and wrote Clarence Saunders and the Founding of Piggly Wiggly.

Sue is helping in the effort to save and restore the Circle G Ranche in Horn Lake, Mississippi, preserving the memory of Elvis’s cowboy side. Mike & Sue’s Memphis Tours are a must-do for Elvis fans.

Jimmy Ogle MempHistoryan

If you combine Indiana Jones and Google you get Jimmy Ogle.

As former General Manager of the Memphis Rock ‘N’ Soul Museum, Mud Island, Memphis Queen Line and the Beale Street Landing, nobody knows the city like Jimmy. He is a city historian, urban explorer and the ultimate tour guide of Memphis.

When taking one of his walking tours, you can get a two-minute history of 200 years of the city and discover connections between Memphis history, lore and the urban landscape. Don’t miss the Manhole Cover & History Tour!

Andrea Shaw and Alan Grossman Good Foot Enterprises

Andrea and Alan are two fans from New York City who visited Memphis to find Elvis and fell in love with the city. Alan discovered Elvis at the age of ten when he heard Don’t Be Cruel on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’. Years later, Andrea discovered that Alan brought a life-size cutout of Elvis to their wedding reception.

Thanks to Mike Banom (website development), Kathryn Dreier (map lettering), Tiffany Lin (credits sketches) and Karyn Feiden (editor).